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Member Profile: Doug Carraway

Doug joined the team when it formed in 2010. He's a cat 3 on the road and cat 2 for cyclocross.


1. When did you get serious about cycling and why? 

Not until 2008 when I was already 35 years old.  I got on a treadmill sometime before that and watched my heart rate sky rocket right away and figured it was time for some regular exercise.  A bit of a mid-life crisis?!  I always liked the bike and I knew I had some leg strength so I got a decent road bike eventually and started riding.  

2.  Why do you do this sport?  What is it about cycling you like so much?  

I think I’m built well for it so I took to it pretty quickly.  My drummer legs were ready to go from day one.  But fundamentally I just really like to ride.  I also love the tactical elements of racing.  I love the group dynamics on the road and how it pushes you to constantly test your limitations.  You’ll always ride harder in a fast group than you will on your own.  The cycling community is awesome as well.  

3. In what bike disciplines do you participate?  

I started with some charity rides in 2008 and then got involved with the cyclocross community and started racing.  I raced on the road the next year as well and have continued to focus on those two disciplines since, with some mountain bike stuff thrown in for good measure.  

 4. What is your favorite bike discipline and why?   

I love cross, but if I had to pick one I’d just race on the road.  I like the pure power of it.  I think it took me until recently to realize how physical I am.  I was always focused on music in the past, but even there, I chose drums.  Both are great physical outlets.  You have to be smart racing on the road, but often there’s nothing to be done except push hard on the pedals.  It’s a great opportunity to push past any limitations you’ve artificially set for yourself, physical or mental.  And hopefully any confidence gains you make on the bike translate to your daily life.  

 5. What is in your jersey pockets on a ride?  

I focus a lot more on intensity than endurance, so often there’s nothing in there.  For longer rides, I’m into Bobo’s oat bars right now.  Or Bonk Breaker oat bars.  No nuts for me these days.  And I haven’t had a gel or any of that other nastiness in years.  Real food, please.  

 6. What is your favorite bike part or bike related item that you own? 

I’m not much of a gear head honestly.  I like all my tubular wheel sets I guess, though they’re a pain to deal with when things go wrong.  Especially for cross, you can’t beat the feel of good tubulars…great combo of stiffness for power transfer and low tire pressure for gliding over everything.  

7. What famous person would you like to accompany you on a long ride?  What would you like to talk about?

I’d like to go ride with Jens Voigt, but he’d do all the talking and joking around and I’d just be gasping for air.  

8. How do you maintain your bikes?  

I do some basic maintenance and keep things clean and lubed.  But I rely heavily on friends and the guys at Bike Source for the heavy lifting.  

9. What are your favorite things to eat after a long ride or race?  

It’s too easy to justify eating total junk after a big effort on the bike, but I’ve been known to do it.  Nothing like a pint of good ice cream with the legs up on the couch after crushing it.  But I try to stick with the same things that work when I haven’t been crushing souls on the bike.  

10. What are some of your most memorable rides, races, or organized events and why? 

I loved the hilly Broadview course in Grandview we used to use for the Grandview crit.  It was such a local staple.  Dreamt about it all year then crushed it the best I could when the time came.  Really hard course but suited me pretty well.  Bring it back!!!  I love racing the Eva Bandman course in Louisville in the Fall as well.  And King’s.  Attending all those UCI CX races with the pros is a blast, as a racer and/or just a spectator.   

 11. What advice do you have for someone thinking about getting more serious about cycling?   

Do it.  It’s a great healthy activity and there’s a tremendous community of people in Ohio now supporting various disciplines.  

12. What are your short or long term cycling goals?  

I’m just digging in now and finding ways to improve any little bit I can.  I think a lot of it comes down to experience and confidence for me now.  There’s some inherent dangers in the sport for sure and I constantly find myself striking a balance between caution and confidence.  But caution often leads to more trouble than you’d have otherwise and it certainly doesn’t get you results.  So I’m focused now on seeing what needs to happen, committing to make it happen and then executing.  

13. What do you do when you’re not cycling?   

Music has always been my real job…that is, my other job like cycling that doesn’t really pay the bills!  Video production pays the bills.  
But outside of work and cycling I most often either have a guitar in my hands or am sitting behind the drums.  

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