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Bri joined Team SixOneFour this past spring.




When did you get serious about cycling and why?

In August of 2013 after 20 years of running, my knees had, had enough and fellow teammate Vince convinced me to give cycling a try.  I have not regretted it. Cycling has been great and my knees have not felt better. 


Why do you do this sport? What is it about cycling you like so much?

I enjoy cycling because it keeps me fit, I can explore new places, and I am loving the challenge of learning something new. 


In what bike discipline(s) do you participate?

Road and CX


What is your favorite bike discipline and why?

While I'm still very new to it, I really love CX. It is a total adrenalin rush with constant action between dodging fellow riders to running over obstacles. 


What is in your jersey pockets on a ride?

The runner in me still likes GUs or other gels. 


What is your favorite bike part or bike related item that you own?

While a little off point, I love my new Specialized Crux. It is so pretty! 


What famous person would you like to accompany you on a long ride? What would you talk about?

I'm not all that into famous people. They put their shorts on just like me, one leg at a time. 


How do you maintain your bike(s)?

I'm a little lazy and take mine to the shop. Thank you Bike Source!


What are your favorite things to eat after a long ride or race?

I'm a little partial to a beer...


What are some of your most memorable rides, races, or organized events  and why?

Any ride with fellow teammate Aaron Saez.  We always have great conversations. If only we could rule the word!


What advice do you have for someone thinking about getting more serious about cycling?

Jump in with both feet. I learn something new in every race and its a blast. 

What are some of your short or long term cycling goals?


Short term - I want to start racing more. Time commitments have been tough lately. 

Long term - I want to move up to CAT 3 in road and CX. 


What do you do when you’re not cycling?

I enjoy hanging out with my son and my girlfriend. 

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